True Love Activation
This energetic transmission that will allow to bring in true love into your life and heal what is blocking you from it.
Receive it today.

Open your field and heal your heart to allow pure true love into your life .

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    Valeria Tignini

    Mother + Source Energy Worker + International Speaker of Consciousness

    About Valeria

    I'm a Source Energy activator and healer. I didn't ask for this gift transmitting light and pure frequency energy from my body, breath, and consciousness. It's been graced to me by the divine source. I've been serving people with this work coming on ten years in 2020. It's been a true blessing and an honor to be able to serve those that have come to me.


    I made it for you

    I created this transmission of wisdom and energy for those that are confused or seek out a deeper opening to another. I would like for everyone to find true love within themselves, and with another is a bonus. :)
     When you listen to this transmission please hold the intention of what is that you would like in your HEART. It doesn't have to be crystal clear with a list, but just you holding a feeling that you have in your heart and body when in a relationship of any kind will be just as good or better.